Shavuos 5770

A Message from the Kalever Rebbe - Shavuos 5770

Our Holy Torah – Finite Words, Infinite Meaning

The world’s libraries are filled with, perhaps, millions of books.  Some of these books are very profound and require additional commentaries to fully explain their meaning.  Occasionally one book might spawn several other books which are inspired by the original.  But, after a time, the number of ideas and explanations that can be written about any particular book will become exhausted and history will “close the book” on it.

There is one book, however, that stands apart from every other book ever written.  It is a relatively small volume and yet it has generated an endless and ever growing body of literature expounding upon its seemingly infinite layers of depth and meaning.  Entire libraries are filled with thousands of thick volumes solely focused on this one single book.  The book we speak of is our holy Torah.

This merely begs the question, how can one book span the historic continuum and speak to mankind in every generation and moreover, inspire new insights and explanations never before revealed?  What is so unique about our holy Torah?

At its simplest level, this phenomenon proves the divine nature of the Torah.   After all, which human could have incorporated so much wisdom into a single volume that tens of thousands of the greatest scholars throughout history could spend their entire lives studying its contents and publishing ever-fresh ideas regarding its meaning?  Only God, the infinite Creator of Heaven and Earth could have authored a book containing infinite knowledge and wisdom.

On a deeper level, we Jews subscribe to the dictum that “Yisroel, Oraisa V’Kudsha Brich Hu Chad Hu.”  “Israel, the Torah and the Holy One Blessed Be He are one.”  That is to say, Hashem created this world for the purpose of the Children of Israel to study and live according to the teachings of His Holy Torah.  This is the only way that the world can be elevated toward achieving perfection. 

Additionally, the essence of the Jewish people is the Torah and the Torah actually comprises each and every Jew.  Each Jew has his/her unique letter in the Torah and it is the privilege and responsibility of every Jew to reveal to the world his/her unique Torah message to the world.  This can only be accomplished through studying the Torah and committing to live by its holy teachings.  So, in fact, the Torah is as infinite as the Jewish people themselves.  Each succeeding generation of Jews uncovers new levels of understanding and light in its sacred text.

On Shavuos, as we celebrate our receiving the Torah from Hashem, let us wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to its study as we endeavor to demonstrate our own unique role in its holy and infinite message to the world.

May you all be blessed with a happy and joyous Yom Tov.


Special Thanks to: Rabbi Avraham Shalom Farber & Yehuda Leib Meth, for the Translation